• Layang Layang Helicopter Academy

    on track to be the regional leader in Helicopter training


Layang Layang Helicopter Academy

- on track to be the regional leader in Helicopter training

Layang Layang Helicopter Academy offers a complete line of training on our Bell 206 B III aircraft. We are an Approved Flight Training Organisation (AFTO), certified by the DCA Malaysia. Whether you want to be a Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot we can make that Dream come true.

7th Dec 2015 to 21st Dec 2015, 2015
Contact Registrar Ms. Perry at: +60 88 448042, 448043

Company Profile

Layang Layang Helicopter Academy (LLHA) is a recently incorporated subsidiary of Layang Layang Aerospace Sdn. Bhd., established in 1994 and today East Malaysia's leading independent aircraft operator and maintenance organisation. The Academy possesses a highly motivated workforce of experienced aviation experts and instructors, headed by its Managing Director, Tuan Hj. Johan Poong Abdullah, a DCA Malaysia and UKCAA qualified aircraft engineer.

Key Personnel

Trainee Pilot will be guided throughout all their Course activities by highly experienced Instructors, Management, and Support personnel of the Academy, with an emphasis at all times upon flight safety, professionalism, and quality of training.



The Academy, located only 100 meters from Terminal 2 KKIA and adjacent to the hangar facilities of its parent company, Layang Layang Aerospace Sdn. Bhd., possesses modern facilities of 6000 sq ft consisting of a technical library, recreation, briefing and operations rooms, together with several well-equipped classrooms. Ground training together with initial Flight Training will be conducted at Kota Kinabalu.


This site is a gazetted helicopter training area and its location away from areas of heavy air-traffic allows for the uninterrupted training of students in a peaceful, scenic and safe environment.


Accommodation is provided at Kuala Penyu when the students are on the flying schedules.

All Facilities
Kuala Penyu
Classroom (KK)
Briefing Room


Layang Layang Helicopter Academy is approved by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia to currently conduct 2 types of training aimed at preparing students for a career as professional helicopter pilots in the challenging world of commercial aviation.
On successful completion, our graduates will be granted the much coveted Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopter), the CPL(H), which allows them to fly helicopters for lucrative rewards.
The course includes all ground and flying instruction, lasting 18 months for ab initio students, comprising 650 hours of ground studies and 152 hours of flying instruction. Holders of the ATPL(A) will do 110 hours of ground studies and 102 hours of flying.

  • The Academy's Bell 206B3 'Jetranger' helicopters are twin-bladed, turbine powered utility helicopters with proven reliability and rugged simplicity of design. The Bell 206 'family' is arguably the most versatile, cost-effective single-turbine series of helicopters ever produced with a total of nearly 10,000 units (all versions) thus far delivered to customers worldwide.

  • The Instructor will provide a thorough pre-flight briefing of approximately 1 hour to the individual student pilot which will be followed by a detailed post-flight debrief. As the course progresses, the student pilots will fly more solo than dual- instruction flights, including cross-country solo navigation flights.

  • In order for 'ab initio' student pilots to obtain their CPL (H) licence, they must pass the following EASA/DCA Malaysia theory exams administered by LLHA.

    • Aircraft General Knowledge
    • Aircraft Performance (Helicopter)
    • Aviation Law
    • VFR Communications
    • Flight Performance & Planning
    • Human Performance & Limitations
    • Meteorology
    • Mass & Balance
    • Navigation
    • Principles of Flight (Helicopter)
    The Academy's course fees include student pilots sitting the required exams for the first appearance only. Students who fail their exams are permitted up to three (3) re-sits which shall attract additional fees. Students with ATPL (A) will appear for the following exams:
    • Aircraft Type Technical - BH 206 B ( DCA exam )
    • Helicopter Principles of Flight ( EASA exam )


"We are designing programmes that shall ensure your are relevant to this industry"

Aviation /Aerospace is an exciting growth industry. As demand for air travel increases,competent professionals will be required to facilitate this demand. We are in the midst of designing new programs with our Collaboration partners to look at how this sector is influenced by global events as well as the strategies implemented to remain competitive during these times. Emphasis is also placed on Aviation Safety Management and Aviation Technologies, so that you shall graduate with a wide range of relevant skills and knowledge to offer.

We have identified that for far too long the local aviation industry has remaianed indifferent to the need for clear and concise programs in the areas of flying and aviation management. To address these needs the Academy will be offering a range of programs.

We are planning to offer The Bachelor of Aviation as a career oriented program, integrating a core of academic study with aviation specific training. There will be two streams within the three year degree program, the Flying Stream and Management Stream. In addition we shall also offer postgraduate coursework programs, specifically the Graduate Diploma in Aviation Management and the Master of Aviation Management. These programs are offered in collaboration with our Partners through distance education and have been specifically designed for students who are unable to attend weekly sessions In House.

Stay Tuned for more info on these Exiting Programmes soon.

Layang Layang Helicopter Academy Sdn. Bhd.

Terminal 2, KKIA, Old Airport Road,
Tanjung Aru, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

T +60 88 448042 / 448043
F +60 88 448024
E [email protected]